The world is becoming an increasingly complicated place with a constant flow of information streaming from a variety of places and sifting through that information is a time-consuming task.

Slavebrain is a simple way of filtering that information from a variety of sources so you only ever see the information that YOU are interested in, freeing you up to live your life.

You can think of it as your normal internet searching flipped on its head.

How does it work?

It works on the principle that although we all like to believe we are individuals sadly we are not, an example could be a person that has a tattoo to make themselves unique actually moves to a subset of people that also have tattoos.

When you sign-up to Slavebrain your Social Media footprint is examined and a cloud-based persona is created that lives in the system with other Slavebrains. The Brain that you create is free to find other similar personas and swap information. The Brains instinctively seek out like minded Brains and when enough of them start to chatter about a hot topic you will be notified via a Brain Mail.

Huh, Brain Mail?

When you Slavebrain finds an interesting something that might be of interest to you then it will notify you in the most convenient way for you for example you may prefer an RSS reader, email or even via Facebook. The frequency and strength of the likelyness that you will like it are all configurable so you can get the information as often as you like without the fear of drowning in spam.


"Wait a minute" I hear you say "if I tell you everything about me I will be bombarded with advertising!" which would be any rational persons response. I agree but that wouldn't be a very rewarding experience for you! It is very important to Slavebrain that your data is secure and we have no intention on selling anybody's personal information.

The aim of Slavebrain is to make everyone's life easier and taking away those mundane tasks like looking for the news on you favourite football team or knowning when that group you really love are next in your city.